Principal Interior Designers: Karishma Malkani & Rajiv Malkani.

Design philosophy consist of an amazing team of dedicated designers and project managers who have held true to our vision. Whose collective passion is to consider and manage every facet of the design process to ensure the finish projects meet our firms standards and surpass your expectations. Painstaking attention to detail remains paramount.

Though young in style and spirit our designs have deep roots in the past and draw from history for its dignity and refinement.

We understand time and its trends and so our designs aspire to be " the timeless classics of tomorrow"

Our personalised services focus on understanding our clients needs and developing a creative vision for their property with an emphasis on precision , detail and budget management.

We offer the following core services :

  • Interior design & Master Planning
  • Survey & Preparing layouts
  • Turn key project execution & Project management
  • Exterior concept direction, garden design and landscaping
Design Philosophy embraces a fantastic team of dedicated and skilled designers who foresee and deliver the perfect vision lined by their project managers. We aim and believe in collective efforts that make us a great family to meet high quality expectations. Creative ideas that come from our young hearts are not just appealing, but demand full attention of viewers; all are the output of attention to detail, precise work, maintaining supreme quality and much more… We offer the below services: • Interior design and Master Planning • Survey and Preparing layouts • Turn-key project execution and Project management • Exterior concept direction, garden design and landscaping We are proud to say that Design Philosophy is one of the best interior designers in Mumbai, where home interior design, office interior design, residential interior design and retail interior design present extra-ordinary charm to your space. Our services also include commercial interior design which is very important to maintain a great atmosphere for staff, clients and customers.