Decode your “colour quotient“ and explore your” inner colour wheel”. Find out “which hue is you?” Let the colour you choose for your home tell us who you are and where you come from and who you aspire to be. Colour choices are personal to start with , there is no right or wrong or given rules to follow, in the end what works for you is” your right choice”

This festive season we celebrate the homecoming of” your true personal style”, by giving you four of my favriote universal themes you can identify with.

Please keep in mind you must only select four shades for any one theme. One and two have only four shades that i have suggested for you to follow. For three and four

When you plan your colour scheme think of creating a layered palette of shades and textures. Begin with one central colour, colour number one: usually the wall colour, move on to colur number two can be the ceilings with mouldings and trim. Colur number three fabric on the sofa, colour number 4 can be the accent on the pillows. Using four compatible colours should add up to a sophisticated lliving room


Amidst the city life, truly the carrie bradshaw style (sex and the city), sexy yet sophisticated, exciting and glamourous, with walls that curate the storyteller, the traveller, the entertainer in you. And being the fashionista that you are dipicting various cultures which transform your living room into an eclectic mix.

Shades used: l154 asian paints pipe dream (white) / asain paints royale black

Asain paints butter rum 8456 (grey beige) / asain paints: royal mauve (purple) / texture champgne silver: asain paints halo or plain: rock canyon by tulsi metallic emulsion


colour cues can be taken from anywhere; one of them is by borrowing clues from your wadrobe to tap into your personal style and colour quotient. Two people who truly embody the style and spirit of this theme to me are: one ofcourse the legendary designer “coco chanel “who in the 1920 ‘s replaced the corset to casual elegance and gave us the little black dress. Audrey hepburn (breakfast at tiffany’s, and sabrina)actress, the style icon herself 40 years later gave it her own personal style, making it a cult of a sorts that is followed up till this date.both of them stood true to there personal style giving us “the timeless classic of tommorow”. Similarly for your home in you living room, classic does not have to be rigid, stiff, or typical, “you can borrow from history its dignity and refinement and still be young in style and spirit”.

Shades used: cream , camel, white and black. L154 pipe dream (white) / asain paints royale black/ Asain paints balsam browm(camel) / asain paints o307 (cream) or l129 asain paints cold coffee.

The quirky indian

Indian culture goes contemporary wrapped in your personal unconventional style. You take pride in the rich heritage of the indian culture and at the same time you fancy the cuting chai glass and its kettle (famous kettle used bu many artist in there interactive art and one more store to celebrate the iconic tea keetle by giving it its own personality “fluke”) with a holder for six glasses to serve chai in! Arty of sorts you make sure you dont take yourself too seriously!. With lifestyle stores like good earth and bomabay stores, fluke, adresses, dhoop, baaya and many more who celebrate the indian culture by give it a new take this theme truly celebrates the indigine in youand your take on it.

Shades used for “ the quirky indian theme “: nuetrals and ceiling and large area’s : l154 asain paints pipe dream (white) / and balsam brown asain paints 8520(yellow oocur or camel) or you could also use for a shade darker sunderbans in the same family from asain. / or you could also use dulux 20yy 41 / 165 camel tan For accents and accersories: dulux tempting teal 80 gg 27/386 or you can use

Dulux minty (for the candy mint green) 10gg 57 / 307 or dulux antique fuchia 10rr 21/ 325 or pink silk asian paint (for the bright pink , magenta feel) 9413 or asin paints 7806 greenery or asain paints x111 glorious sunset


Your home is where you live, not just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. As our lives evolve so should our homes. Let it be you ultimate retreat that works in tandem with you and your lifestyle and helps you be in harmony with nature. Making your transformation into your home from the outside world meditative and fluid, making your home almost as a shock absorber and a re- orientator helping you align yourself with your true personal style from with in.

Shades used: asain paints l154 pipe dream (white) / asain paints balsam brown 8520 (camel beige) / base gold by tulsi mettalic emulsion / pine corn(metallic olive gold) by tulsi matallic emulsion

Customizing gives opportunity to frequently change the look and feel of a specific room and to design it as per your thought. This way, you can take trials before you end up coloring your room without even getting a chance to foresee it. So become an expert interior design with us and give a meaning to your room. The best way to bring the child in you is to find out which color do you like and how would you like to see the color of your room. Every person sees a distinct color and ambience that set their mood to live in it. If you wish to become an interior designer yourself, then take a test and find out how better you can design a room that is best suited your desire. Every color has a meaning such as green denotes energy and nature, yellow is for hope and happiness, blue symbolizes trust/loyalty/wisdom, and so on… It is up to you to choose your favorite color that soothes your mind when you come home after an exhaustive day. So start customizing your interior the way you want - tradition, modern, contemporary... You have a range of hues to choose from.